Wood Water Skis

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Where in New Zealand should I study? Wellington? Auckland?

I want to be very close to natural environments such as lakes, forests, the woods. I want to be able to do things like water skiing, bungee jumping, parachute, camp, rowboats, hiking, and many course my favorite bike! Sunshine is also very important (which puts me on the North Island, is not it?) Public transport also very important. Univ. Auckland, Victoria Univ. Wellington, Massey University (3 campuses), or others?

First, do not go to Massey's Palmerston North, which is the most boring city in NZ. I've never lived in Auckland, but I can recommend Wellington as a great city. University of Victoria campus itself is a massive hill, has a breathtaking view of the harbor and the right is the Botanical Gardens. whatever you live in town, you will be near the hills and indigenous forests and the port that is clean and receives occasional odd joints and dolphins passing through. its certainly not as hot as Auckland, but you will be in the center of the country, and really close to the South Island which is where by far The most spectacular is the landscape if you like hiking and camping, then you must go to the south, where mountains mostly run in the sea and all the glaciers, fjords, sounds and lakes are there. throughout New Zealand public transport is quite below average, but Wellington is fairly easy to get around and there is a cable car from the city straight to the university. In any case I hope assistance.